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Cannabidiol: what are the real benefits of CBD products?

Cannabidiol or CBD is now a legal substance in European Union. Its advantages? Calm stress and improve sleep, but also reduce symptoms of burnout and emotional exhaustion … To what extent? Which form to favor? Update on the effects and risks of “well-being” hemp. The authorization of cannabidiol (CBD) in France has led to the… Read More »

Binary Options: Financial regulators prohibit the distribution and sale of these risky financial derivatives to European customers

Binary options are attractive to retail investors. But practice has evidently shown that the products are extremely risky. The German financial supervisory authority Bafin is again taking action on risky financial bets. The authority has banned the marketing, distribution and sale of so-called binary options to private customers in Europe for consumer protection reasons, it… Read More »

Gold is dead said Mark Cuban

The gold price had to give up again yesterday and in the future the gold price dipped practically precisely to the mark of 1,700 dollars, but was able to make up at least part of the losses. Bloomberg reports the longest daily streak of gold ETF outflows since Donald Trump was elected US president. The… Read More »