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CommONEnergy partners

23 organisations and 3 third party beneficiaries are partnering to deliver this 4-year project. Please find them below the map, with a short description and their main contact point.

EURAC (Institute for Renewable Energy) in addition to coordinating the whole project, WP1 and WP5, contributes with the experience of 3 working groups on solar heating and cooling systems, envelope passive solutions with special focus on the role of building inertia, as well as with expertise on BIPV and storage. In addition, it has experience with building simulation and monitoring of performance and impacts. It will collaborate in most of the scientific and dissemination activity within the project.

Main contact: Roberto Lollini, +39 0471 055 650

ACCIONA has experience as a builder and ESCO company. It will provide expertise in the development of technological solutions to buildings’ retrofit, design and coordination in the implementation of façade and energy systems solution in Spanish demo-case. They will also provide testing facilities for proof of the concepts in the solutions developing phase. They will coordinate WP3.

Main contact: Magdalena Rozanska, +34 91 79 12 020

D’APPOLONIA is an engineering consulting company that has developed a multidisciplinary staff with extensive capabilities in many fields with a focus on innovation engineering, capable to identify and manage unconventional solutions for industrial and engineering needs. Due to the above stated and their qualified experience in European projects, they will perform horizontal task, dealing with health, safety, security and standardization. For this reason they will lead WP6 with planning and overall managing tasks, coordinating the actions in the three demo-case working groups.

Main contact: Antonio De Ferrari, +39 010 3628148

Advanced Research and Management Applications (AMS) is an SME, founded in 2004 with the goal to provide state-of-the-art technical services to both public and private companies. Its activities are mainly focused on application of new environmentally friendly materials to improve energy efficiency in building, including new insulating materials and solar radiation reflective coatings.

Main contacts: Constantinos Tsoutis and Panos Skarvelis, +30 210 2842615

The Ayuntamiento de Valladolid (Valladolid City Council) is a local government public entity, based in Spain, responsible for the provision and management of a number of different public services and utilities for the Municipality. Among these, for the purposes of this project, the management of Local Markets is involved. The City Council has a workforce of 3,000 employees and an annual budget (2012) of more than 275 million euro, being considered financially one of the most sound public entities in the country.

BLL is a leading international lighting consultant and R&D provider in day- and artificial lighting. BLL is renowned for its studies on visual perception and on light & health. BLL is also engaged in the development and optical design of lighting systems, lighting laboratory studies, lighting fundamentals and buildings physics. Within the project BLL will support manufactures in developing efficient artificial lighting systems in WP4 and daylight solutions in WP3 (ceiling, envelope, systems).

Main contact: Andreas Ampenberger, +45 512 3338-86

The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) acts both as an international centre of expertise on all aspects of energy efficiency and energy performance in European buildings, and as the European partner of the Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN). Their main focus lays on policy analysis, implementation and dissemination of knowledge through studies, policy briefs and best practices. They will coordinate WP7 on dissemination in close collaboration with project coordinator as well as contribute in WP5 to the definition of energy economic evaluation tools.

Main contact: Marine Faber and Maarten De Groote, +32(2) 789 30 02

CMS is an engineering office with multidisciplinary staff of highly qualified designers and researchers. In WP3 they will guide the development of solutions for green integration both at building and neighbourhood scale, pursuing in particular novel green façade approach starting from basic physics, biology and architectural investigation.

DURLUM is a SME aiming to positively influence built environment through synergy between ceiling and light, offering individual solutions. The dynamic approach to solve the customers requirements with energy efficient solutions will be used in particular in WP4 to develop comfort/energy effective artificial lighting systems for shopping malls case.

Main contact: Benjamin Froehlich, +49 (0) 7622 3905-0

DS Consulting Process & Organization GmbH, located in Stuttgart, Germany, is a full range Lean Management Consulting firm founded in 2007 as the daughter company of Germany’s biggest Project Management and Real Estate Management Consulting Office Drees & Sommer. DS Consulting counts approx. 20 permanent staff members of various professions e.g. Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Industrial Engineering, Logistics, Business Administration, etc. DS Consulting cooperates inter alias with FRAUNHOFER organization.

Main contacts: Christina Walger, +49 711 1317-2086 and Christian Hiery, +49 711 1317-1279

EPTA is an industrial group in the commercial refrigeration market. The company boasts five highly-established and authoritative brands: Costan, Bonnet Névé, George Barker, Eurocryor and Misa. Epta works daily with retail chains and will have an important role in WP4 in particular for integration of HVAC and refrigeration systems from one side in the building thermal zone and other side with energy grid fully exploiting RES and different kind of storages. They will also be committed in dissemination in particular with training to practitioners.

Main contact: Orlandi Maurizio and Daniele Mazzola, +39 02 55 403 211

FhG-IBP is specialized in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and eco-design. During the project, will be responsible for all activities related to LCA calculations as well as sustainability assessment at components, whole building, urban scale. They will work in close collaboration with all manufacturers to retrieve materials, manufacturing and installation data. They role is very important to evaluate the environmental and socio-cultural impact of shopping malls and relative retrofitting actions.

Main contact: Bastian Wittstock, Johannes Gantner, Sarah Schneider and Sarah Homolka, +49(0)711 489 999-0

CARTIF brings in WP4 expertise in the sector of monitoring, analysis tools and control of active systems, which will be used in WP6 to demonstrate the effectiveness of the assessed solutions at demo cases. CARTIF will collaborate on the development of continuous monitoring in collaboration with SCHNEIDER and EURAC.

Main contact: Ana Quijano Pedrosa, +34 9835 48911

INRES manages the design and realization of shopping mall planning and executing all the activities from the early design stage to the opening. They will coordinate the activities of the Italian demo-case in WP6 being directly related to the owner. With their expertise they will also contribute to the development of the building retrofitting guidelines, as well as in many others dissemination actions in WP7.

ITM-POWER designs and manufactures hydrogen energy systems for energy storage and clean fuel production. They will work in WP4 to fully exploit RES potential in the use of suitable hydrogen long term storage systems as well as in the energy grids interactions.

SCHNEIDER is a large industrial group and mainly an equipment producer; it is involved in the building management and automation to improve energy efficiency, comfort and building operation also considering the urban context and local energy grid. With its intelligent building energy management systems they will have a key role in the proposal as well as in demo-cases. It will also have an important role in dissemination and exploitation towards European retail chains with which they are collaborating. They will coordinate WP4.

NILAR deals with construction of industrial batteries, developing a unique energy storage system that can be easily scaled to serve virtually any need. They will work in WP4 providing both innovative batteries and manage system to perform a flexible storage system needed to better manage the shopping malls electric loads to improve the grid interaction and exploit most convenient economic rate.

Main contact: Niclas Uggla, +46 (0)70 7922792

SOLID is a solar engineering SME specialising in all aspects of large-scale solar thermal energy plants; they also design and build solar chilled water plants, including the largest commercial solar cooling projects currently operating. They will work in WP4 exploiting their background, skills and expertise with large solar systems.

Main contact: Werner Doll, +43 316 292840 34

SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. The Energy and Architecture research group will coordinate WP2 on the analysis of building stock to find out main features and systemic inefficiencies with the aim to find the retrofitting drivers that will guide the solutions development in WP3 and WP4. They are also involved in other tasks in particular in WP3.

Main contact: Matthias Haase and Ruth Woods, +47 22 96 55 55

Storebrand Kjøpesenter City Syd AS (STOKJ) was founded in 1994 and is registered as a company letting out owned or rented real estate. It the owner of the Norwegian demo-case and its main activity and purpose is owning, managing and renting out the property. The shopping centre of City Syd is owned by Storebrand Kjøpesenter City Syd AS and consist of approx. 20.700 square meters. The number of tenants are 53 (2011). Storebrand Kjøpesenter City Syd AS is entering the CommONEnergy project with an affiliate company City Syd AS (CITYSYD) as third party, carrying out the work under the special clause 10. CitySyd-AS specializes in operation, management and maintenance for commercial shopping centres, real estate companies and tenants.

SUNPLUGGED develops and manufactures flexible and easy to integrate photovoltaic modules according to customer requirements. Considering even low quantities can be produced economically and the design can be optimized according to the customers’ requirements, they will mainly collaborate in WP3 to develop solutions for architectural integration of PV taking into account the technical and non-technical constraints of existing buildings.

TU-WIEN and in particular the Energy Economics Group has a large experience in the analysis of building stock and definition of market trends and scenarios and they will have a key-role in the project. They will work in WP2 and in WP5 where they will develop novel tools to support decision on retrofitting potential for specific shopping mall as well as to define scenarios for guiding energy policies strategies.

Main contact: Agne Toleikyte, +43(0)-1-58801-370372

UNIUD is a university with a deep experience in modelling HVAC and refrigeration systems. They will work with EURAC in WP4 mainly to develop the Trnsys integrative modelling environment.